Friday, November 26, 2010

Payal Luthra

My parents are apart of a culinary cooking group with a few other couples, and I am often updated on the recent happenings. One of the families has a daughter who is an emerging designer living in New York City. She is a Harvard graduate from the school of design and has launched a new line of cashmere scarves and neck warmers that are very luxurious. Her collection is inspired by her Indian heritage and much of the production is located in India. They have been featured in various fashion magazines and are sold at exclusive boutiques. Check out her line at

Sunday, November 21, 2010


My excitement is growing as Thanksgiving approaches! Only three more days until my favorite holiday is here. Although it's unconventional to regard Thanksgiving as your favorite holiday, it makes the most sense to me. Thanksgiving embodies warmth, love, family, friends, and plentiful food. I love the idea of taking an entire day and devoting it to giving thanks to life, happiness and the people who surround you.

Ooh la la

I absolutely adore this little coffee shop in Dinkytown called Fru La La. It has such delicious frozen yogurts and my favorite white chocolate mochas. Don't be alarmed, I am still a loyal Starbucks customer, but I definitely enjoy a few options for warm coffee, especially during the long winters up at school. It reminds me a lot of Pinkberry, which is one of my favorite frozen yogurt shops on the coast.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

perfect song for today

White Blank Page by Mumford&Sons...a great backdrop for today's winter wonderland. Enjoy!

the first snow!

Lights have been strung, holiday cups are out in full force at your neighborhood Starbucks, and for the first time this season...SNOW IS FALLING amidst it all!