Thursday, September 29, 2011


In one of my journalism courses we are currently focusing on how to 'make' a picture, rather than just take one. Most days we are given a bit of time during class to go outside and play with different settings on our cameras. Here are a few images from this week. Bonne journée!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Bracelet Stacks on J. Crew editors, via
Via & here
My own, rather petite, stack of the day

I love bracelet stacking. It seems that wrists have become the focus for accessories as of late. I love that stacking allows you to wear many of your favorite pieces all at once.

September 22nd

Here are a few pictures from my day
-Marimekko Umbrella-
-412 Apartments-
-Starbucks Salted Caramel Mocha-

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Three Cheese Florentine

A warm, cheesy pasta...perfect for the fast fall dinner. And yes, it was out of a box (proud of it!)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nice & Neutral

I swear I could live with a completely neutral wardrobe. My staple color is grey, but of course there is a special place in my heart for black too. Every time I go shopping with my mom, she reminds me that I do not, in fact, need whatever grey item happens to be my hands at that moment. For this fall season, I especially love camel-colored pieces. Even make up, like Essie's fall line, is going neutral. The runways at New York Fashion Week reflected this, and would add just a pop of color----on say, the models' lips. Current Essie color obsession? Glamour Purse (as seen above). And I still cannot get enough of my neutral cheetah prints. From scarves, to bags, to binder clips, to an iPhone case (...and I won't even have the iPhone until October...), it's safe to say, I've gone print-crazy. I especially love the way J. Crew has incorporated cheetah prints into their fall collection; it seems to me that the color and size of the cheetah print matter the most to keep an ensemble polished.

Military-Inspired Boots

Here is yet one more of my 'Nordstrom Anniversary Sale' finds from this past July. I've been wearing them almost every day recently because of the crisp, cool weather. The red zipper, gold hardware and distressed leather details translate the military inspiration into something understated and wearable. And I have to say, boots are one of my favorite fall wardrobe staples.


1. Beautiful flowers from the farmer's market

2. Fashion's Night Out, via Kate Spade Facebook Page

3. Tory Burch Flats with my vibrant floral rug

4. My MJ wallet & new 'pretty nylon pouch' against my bright duvet and Lilly planner

5. Sarah Jessica Parker at the Late Show, via

6. Lilly Planner

Here are a few of my favorite bright items at the moment!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pouch

I ordered this 'pretty nylon key pouch' about a week ago from shopbop , and was so happy when it arrived in a small package at my doorstep. I love the fall colors within the pattern, which almost looks as if it were painted. It has been perfect so far to hold my house, car and mail keys.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Paltrow in Prada

As if we needed another reason to love Gwyneth, here are some shots of the actress at the screening of Contagion during the Venice Film Festival this past weekend. I was able to attend an advanced screening of the film in Minneapolis two weeks ago and thought it was quite good. Without giving too much away, Gwyneth only makes short appearances throughout the film, but in my opinion, still looks fabulous as always.

Wearing a Prada dress, shoes and purse,; Bulgari Jewlery

Arriving at the festival

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Above: award-winning Chai, inside/ outside Cafe views & part of my meal

There are certain places you pass hundreds of times en route in everyday life- restaurants, shops, boutiques, etc.- that you always want to check out, but rarely take the time to stop into. Namaste Cafe, a restaurant in Uptown, was one such place for me. It is one of two traditional Victorian-style, renovated houses on Hennepin, that has been turned into an indoor/ outdoor cafe.

Before deciding to dine there one evening last week, I really had no idea as to what type of cuisine was offered. I just knew that it always looked busy (a good sign) and had a quaint front lawn with lights, lanterns and charming decorations of the sort--perfect for a late August evening.

After settling in at a table outside (it was such a nice night!), I looked at the menu which offered many traditional South-Asian, specifically Indian, dishes. Right away, I ordered a traditional iced-chai beverage, which are award-winning at Namaste, and as I would later find out, for a good reason. Beyond the drinks, I unfortunately have a very mild pallet, but the waiter was able to offer the dishes according to a 1-5 "how spicy do you want it" scale.

I ordered brown rice, Bhatura (a deep-fried bread made with yogurt & baking powder), sauteed green beans and curry. Everything- especially the green beans- was delicious, and I would definitely recommend it. The entrees and sides were reasonably priced, and Namaste uses as many organic, local and natural ingredients as possible.

which literally translates to "I honor the divine in you" is a traditional greeting of respect in South-Asian countries; the Cafe embodies this greeting and hopes to offer comfort and respect to all who dine there. I certainly think they did.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Jewels & Gems

I love this polish- it reminds me of confetti!

New set of note cards from the bookstore

Current cereal obsession: Cap'n Crunch with Berries

Stationary from Melly: perfect for quick notes at my desk

A few jewel polishes from Essie's fall line

Bejeweled mouse

Cheetah white board, of course!