Sunday, September 4, 2011


Above: award-winning Chai, inside/ outside Cafe views & part of my meal

There are certain places you pass hundreds of times en route in everyday life- restaurants, shops, boutiques, etc.- that you always want to check out, but rarely take the time to stop into. Namaste Cafe, a restaurant in Uptown, was one such place for me. It is one of two traditional Victorian-style, renovated houses on Hennepin, that has been turned into an indoor/ outdoor cafe.

Before deciding to dine there one evening last week, I really had no idea as to what type of cuisine was offered. I just knew that it always looked busy (a good sign) and had a quaint front lawn with lights, lanterns and charming decorations of the sort--perfect for a late August evening.

After settling in at a table outside (it was such a nice night!), I looked at the menu which offered many traditional South-Asian, specifically Indian, dishes. Right away, I ordered a traditional iced-chai beverage, which are award-winning at Namaste, and as I would later find out, for a good reason. Beyond the drinks, I unfortunately have a very mild pallet, but the waiter was able to offer the dishes according to a 1-5 "how spicy do you want it" scale.

I ordered brown rice, Bhatura (a deep-fried bread made with yogurt & baking powder), sauteed green beans and curry. Everything- especially the green beans- was delicious, and I would definitely recommend it. The entrees and sides were reasonably priced, and Namaste uses as many organic, local and natural ingredients as possible.

which literally translates to "I honor the divine in you" is a traditional greeting of respect in South-Asian countries; the Cafe embodies this greeting and hopes to offer comfort and respect to all who dine there. I certainly think they did.

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