Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nice & Neutral

I swear I could live with a completely neutral wardrobe. My staple color is grey, but of course there is a special place in my heart for black too. Every time I go shopping with my mom, she reminds me that I do not, in fact, need whatever grey item happens to be my hands at that moment. For this fall season, I especially love camel-colored pieces. Even make up, like Essie's fall line, is going neutral. The runways at New York Fashion Week reflected this, and would add just a pop of color----on say, the models' lips. Current Essie color obsession? Glamour Purse (as seen above). And I still cannot get enough of my neutral cheetah prints. From scarves, to bags, to binder clips, to an iPhone case (...and I won't even have the iPhone until October...), it's safe to say, I've gone print-crazy. I especially love the way J. Crew has incorporated cheetah prints into their fall collection; it seems to me that the color and size of the cheetah print matter the most to keep an ensemble polished.

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