Friday, August 19, 2011

{5 picks}

{Fall 2011 sweater from J. Crew}

Coming off of vacation is always a difficult transition for me, as life seems to suddenly slip back into it's old routine of motion, frenzy and work whether I've even unpacked my toothbrush or not. But perhaps the most dreaded and anticipated transition is that of the ultimate vacation summer turning into yet another fall semester. I have to say, I'm usually standing closer to the 'anticipation' end of things, and am ready to begin the whirlwind of student life close to the middle of August (although my own delusion is sometimes self-recognized as early as October, as things are in full swing and I'm running from class to appointments to club meetings, all with a coffee in my hand). Here are 5 of my current adorations which will help escort me into my (once again) busy but beautiful fall life.

{Painted bowl I recently picked up from Anthropologie in Edina for only $4. I plan to put it by my bedside to hold my daily jewelry picks}

{Snap Pea snacks from Trader Joe' favorite, and under $2 per bag}

{My favorite new lipstick that glides on so easily...Poppy King for J. Crew, $18}

{My new Lilly Pulitzer pen for class}

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