Sunday, August 28, 2011

The perfect gold bracelet

One of my favorite movies of the summer was Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Diaz. Many blogs, magazines and websites all commented on Cameron's impeccable on-set wardrobe. One detail that kept re-appearing in many scenes was a stack of fine, gold bracelets on Cameron's wrists. She usually only wore 1-3 per wrist, but I loved the statement they made with every outfit. Many have since speculated that the bracelets are Jennifer Meyer Jewelry "thin bangles with stone". After seeing the film, I set out to find my own set of extra fine gold bangles. I found many suitable options anywhere from Nordstrom to Forever21; the secret is making certain that they are extra extra fine. I now find myself wearing about two on each wrist everyday!

{Above: Diaz wearing the gold bracelets in two different scenes...images found on Google Images}

{Below: My own version of the gold bangle}

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  1. where did you get your bangles!! I have been looking everywhere, I love them!! ??????